Recording an Eclipse JUnit test executed from within an Eclipse JUnit test?


I am currently developing an RCP application which does a lot of stuff with workspace projects at Eclipse startup/shutdown. To test this functionality I have created a JUnit Plugin test suite based on the work in org.eclipse.core.tests.session.

Basically what this does is launching another Eclipse instance from within the JUnit eclipse instance which executes the test and communicates back the results. Like so:

Development Eclipse (the one I write code with)

| launch (or: record) JUnit Plugin Test

JUnit Runtime Eclipse (the one which I launch using the Run/Debug/Record menu)

| for each test method launch separately /\
| |
| results are communicated back and collected |
\/ |

Session Test Runtime Eclipse (the one in which the test method is executed)

My question now is: is there a way to record the "Session Test Runtime Eclipse" executions (without using the recording server - just using the embedded eclipse Chronon)? (-> Resulting in one recording each for all the session test methods?)

How could I achieve such a thing?
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